Nathan Gilliatt

Researcher / Market Intelligence Analyst in emerging technology.
Helping clients understand the intersections and white spaces in their markets.
Always learning, frequently discovering, occasionally inventing.


Social Target

Market intelligence and strategy consulting


Social Media Analysis

Covering the business of social media data

The Net-Savvy Executive

Observations from the edge of the emerging market


Sparks from the whiteboard

The whiteboard is usually covered in notes and details. Sometimes, it's bigger.

The Analyst's Canvas

Structured thinking about analytical activities

The Analysts's Canvas is a tool for specifying and communicating requirements and capabilities across specialist silos. The canvas frames sources and methods in the context of the work they support, the ultimate mission, expected outcomes and available alternatives. The Analyst's Canvas is free to use under a Creative Commons license. If you try it, I'd like to hear how it works for you.


Knowing more about what matters—and it all matters

The Omniscience framework is a challenge to think about more of what matters and what we can know about it, from the biggest picture down to the individual transaction. The vision is to use our intelligence systems to connect existing information and analysis currently isolated by scope and time horizons. This is a long-term project; early drafts are available to potential collaborators and supporters.


If we're going to pay attention to everything, we're going to need help

Attention is a conceptual model for how a future computer system could identify, evaluate and react to events in disparate data sources. It started with a question: What would it look like for a computer to notice something and pay attention to it? The model operates at the metaphorical level, but many of the component tasks are possible with existing technology. A discussion paper is in the works; I shared the model in a blog post.

Putting the pieces together

Omniscience is the grand theory, which challenges us to consider how much our organizations can know about the world around them. The Analyst's Canvas is a practical tool for aligning the work with the ultimate mission. Attention is a model for future intelligence systems that automate part of the effort of keeping up with events. Is it complete? No, but the pieces are starting to come together.