Nathan Gilliatt

Researcher / advisor in business, technology, strategy.
Connecting the dots to understand the intersections and white spaces in markets.
Expanding the ways we know what we know.


Directed Curiosity

Know more about what matters

Rethink Alignment

Unlock superior business performance

Thinking out loud


Sparks from the whiteboard

There are always processes running in the background

Data Market Study

Mapping the paths from data source to end user

Building on more than a decade spent tracking the social media data market, I realized that the same general view of how data changes hands applies in other specialist markets. Now I'm building out the framework, testing it against real-world companies and vertical markets, and planning tools to turn that insight into something useful.

The Evidence We Ignore

What signals are hiding in the data our official processes ignore?

Years ago, I discovered an easily fixable problem in data that the company’s official processes ignored. I suspect that when we design our systems to ignore some sources and data, we create more of these lost opportunities. It’s the hidden cost of the truism that when you define what you do, you also define what you don’t do. I’m looking for more examples to test this idea.


Knowing more about what matters—and it all matters

The Omniscience framework is a challenge to think about more of what matters and what we can know about it, from the biggest picture down to the individual transaction. The vision is to use our intelligence systems to connect existing information and analysis currently isolated by scope and time horizons. This is a long-term project; early drafts are available to potential collaborators and supporters.